Thai Lemongrass and substitute

Are you look for lemongrass substitute for Thai cooking? We have a solution. Thai Lemongrass is one of the main ingredients in many Thai dishes, such as Tom Yum, Tom Sab, Lemongrass salad etc. It is quite difficult to find some substitute for lemongrass if you want the same texture, but there are many products that extract lemongrass smell very well.

What is lemongrass

Thai lemongrass

This is a picture of lemongrass.

Where to buy Thai lemongrass

You can buy fresh lemongrass from most Asian grocery stores. They might be available in some supermarkets sometimes.

Lemongrass Substitute – Dried Lemongrass

If you are looking for substitute for lemongrass, you can use dried lemongrass. But if you want to put a lot, you may put it in a tea bag before using it, if you do not want to wat lots of small lemongrass flakes.

Similarity score: 6/10

lemongrass substitute

Where to buy lemongrass substitute?

It might be available at a spice corner in a supermarket near by. I got one from a spice corner of a usual supermarket as well.

How to use and cut Thai lemongrass?

If you use lemongrass in soup, you should crush it a little bit before you use. So the taste of lemongrass can come out easier when you put it into our soup. I usually crush my lemongrass with my knives’ handlers. Hold the lemongrass with one hand, and hit it with another hand. Try not to hit the lemongrass from far away, it may slip and it could cause some accidents.

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