Kaffir Lime Leaves Substitute

Kaffir lime leaves are one of the main ingredients in many Thai dishes, such as Tom Yum, Pad Phrik Khing, etc. These leaves have unique lemon (lime) note that blend with other Thai herbs very well. They also have some medical benefits and their smell is quite relaxing.

Kaffir Lime leaves

This is a picture of Kaffir Lime leaves. The leaves of Kaffir Lime is quite identical, they look like two small kaffir lime leaf stick together.

Where to buy Kaffir Lime leaves

You can buy fresh Kaffir Lime leaves from some Asian grocery stores. Some stores might sell frozen leaves. Or you can contact me where to buy dried Kaffir Lime leaves.

Kaffir Lime Leaves Substitute

If you are looking for substitute for fresh Kaffir Lime leaves, you can use dried Kaffir Lime leaves. Just put it in water a little bit before you use. The smell is very nice, and you can keep it much longer than the fresh one.

Similarity score: 9/10

The second kaffir lime leaves substitute option is Kaffir Lime leaves powder. I bought it from a spice shelf in a normal supermarket. In my opinion, the smell is much lighter than dried or frozen whole leaves, and it is quite expensive.

Similarity score: 4/10

kaffir lime leaves substitute

Another substitution option is Yuzu skin. But to be honest, I am not sure which one is more difficult to find. I never find Yuzu skin in my area so no comment here.

Similarity score: N/A

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