Aroy D Coconut Milk is the best or not? (Non Sponsored Review)

coconut juice vs Aroy D coconut milk review

The first time I went to a supermarket outside Thailand, I was quite amazed of how many brands of coconut milk out there, Aroy D coconut milk might be the one I feel the most familiar. There are many brands that I have never seen, and it was the first time in my life to see canned coconut milk. So I guess I could understand if some people would feel confused when they go buy coconut milk. In this review, I will share my experience outside of Thailand compare with coconut milk in Thailand, and my favourite choice in common Asian grocery stores outside Thailand.

Brands of Coconut Milk that I tried

  • Chao Koh
  • Aroy D
  • Elephant
  • Chao Thai coconut milk powder
  • Fresh coconut milk from Thai wet market
  • And some other brands that I cannot remember

Aroy D Coconut Milk

I tried several brands of coconut milk, and I found that Aroy D coconut milk is quite creamy and has nice smell of coconut milk. It goes pretty well with Thai food and Thai curry paste. The price of Aroy D coconut milk is also cheaper than many other brands. So if you like creamy texture, I would recommend Aroy D.

Coconut Milk Calories

Coconut milk is rich with nutrition, as well as calories. 100ml serving of canned coconut milk gives 169 calories.

Type of MilkCalories / 100 ml
Canned Coconut Milk169
Soy Milk26
Whole Milk63
A table that compares calories of coconut milk vs other milk

Ref: BBC Good Food, urls are available below.

Canned coconut milk vs carton

Many people said carton coconut milk has a better taste than the canned one. In Thailand, I saw only carton coconut milk and dried coconut milk in supermarkets. I never see the canned one.

Canned coconut milk and solid on top

You might be curious if canned coconut milk supposed to be solid? I asked myself the same question when I started using a canned coconut milk. The answer is it is ok! The solid part comes from coconut oil that solidifies. On a label of some brands, the producers state that it is ok to see some ‘solid coconut milk’ in their cans.

The best coconut milk brand

The best coconut mil I have ever tried is the fresh coconut milk from Thai wet market. But it’s too complicated to make at home, especially without decent fresh coconut supply. So the most reasonable choice for me is Aroy D Coconut Milk, it tastes good and the price is reasonable.

Thai recipes that use coconut milk

Green Curry Chicken / Vegan in 10 mins. (Authentic Thai Recipe)
Coconut milk recipes (dessert): Thai Mango and Blue Sticky Rice


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