Thai Food Yum or shrimp and lemongrass salad with easy Thai spicy dressing (Keto Thai Food Recipe)

Easy Keto Thai Food “Yum” (or Lemongrass Salad) Recipe

This easy keto salad or “Thai Food Yum” recipe’s main ingredients are shrimp and Lemongrass. Although lemongrass chunks in soup are not recommended to eat because it’s hard, but thin sliced lemongrass is unbelievably tasty. It is crunchy, and gives nice herbal aroma in your mouth when you chew it. Besides, it goes very well with refreshing Thai dressing and juicy fresh shrimps.

Is Thai Food Yum / Lemongrass salad spicy?

This Thai food Yum or lemongrass salad main tastes are sour, salty and a little bit sweet. And of course, it is also spicy.  In the picture above, I made 2 versions, less spicy with Japanese chilli powder on the left hand side, and authentic spicy with Thai chilli on the right hand side. You can choose a kind of chilli that suit to your liking. Even if you do not add any chilli, this salad is still good.

Thai Lemongrass Salad (Yum) Ingredients:

  • 4 lemongrass
  • 2 spring onion
  • 0.5 cup shallot / red onion
  • 10 shrimps
  • 40 ml. lime juice
  • 40 ml. fish sauce
  • 1⁄8 tsp. sweetener / 1 tbsp. Sugar
  • 1 tbsp. Thai chilli / Chilli powder

Easy Keto Thai Shrimp and Lemongrass “Yum” Recipe / Recette Thaï salade de crevette un citronnelle ยำกุ้งตะไคร้):

1. Slice lemongrass, spring onion, and shallot into thin pieces, then put them in a salad bowl.

2. Cook shrimps in boiling water, then put them in the salad bowl.

3. Mix lime juice, sugar, fish sauce, and 1 tbsp. of hot water together to make Thai salad dressing.

4. Pour the easy Thai dressing and sprinkle some sliced chilli into the salad bowl, then mix all ingredients. If you cannot eat very spicy food, try not to add all chilli in one time. Instead, add the chilli little by little, and taste until you get the taste you like.

**Thai salad in Thai language is Yum or Yam?” (Thai Language Nerd Corner)**

How to spell / read / pronounce “Thai salad” in Thai? Is it “Yum” or “Yum”? If you’ve ever founded that Thai food transliteration spelling is so confusing. You are not ALONE!! Transliteration is also confusing for Thai people too. We can discuss about this in depth later. Anyway today I prepare all information to crack “How to read Thai words?” and “How to pronounce Thai dish names properly?” for you already, as follows:

  • Thai language: ยำ
  • Phonetics: /jam˧/ (pronounce like “yum” from “yummy”.)
  • Transliteration (Thai Royin National Standard): yam
  • Another Transliteration (Paiboon publishing): yam
  • Popular Transliteration (Popular): yum

All literate Thai people understand “ยำ” from the first bullet point (Thai language). Then you can use the phonetics as reference for the most accurate pronunciation. However, there are too many versions of transliteration, because the central standard from government authorities is not so popular. And it’s not popular because most Thai people do not know how to apply that standard system accurately. Therefore, many people create their “own system”. As a result, no wonder why there are so many versions of transliteration. Please feel free to email me to discuss about this “fun and interesting” part of learning Thai language.

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