Bento Ideas & Menu
(Thai, Sushi, Fusion Food)

Cute Bento Idea & Menu (Most Popular)

Van Gogh Starry Sky bento box idea, feature with Thai laab

Starry Sky Bento Box is our best bento box idea, this bento menu got selected by a Japanese TV channel.

Shiba dog cute bento with Thai food, aka Laab

Shiba dog bento boxes for dog lovers. Look at how cute they are 🥰

Siberian husty dog cute bento with Thai food, aka Laab

Our Shiba rice ball just invited a fluffy friend, Siberian Husky 🐕

Thai Food Bento Menu

Authentic Thai chilli paste rice bento with Harry Potter inspired design

Traditional and authentic Thai dish, Thai chilli paste  (Nam Prik) comes in magical theme.

Cute kawaii egg congee or Thai Joke

This is our Thai Joke 😀 (Hahaha it’s not funny, but “Joke” means congee in Thai).

Thai food satay take out with authentic Thai peanut sauce

Authentic Thai peanut sauce with Satay beef in a bento box.

“Pad Kaprao” with crispy half cooked fried egg, the most popular lunch among Thai people. The warm stir fried  (Thai) holy basil fragrant goes very well with steamed rice.

 Ingredients: Thai basil, rice, green beans, beef, chilli

Thai basil fried rice 2 go.

Ingredients: Thai basil, rice, green beans, beef, chilli

Thai basil and kabocha in red curry soup menu

Thai basil and pumpkin in Red Curry soup. No additional sugar, oil, fat. The aroma from herb is quite relaxing

Ingredients: Kabosha squash, pork ribs and Thai basil. 

Healthy and Vegan Bento Boxes

Beautiful vegan rose mango poke bowl menu

Beautiful vegetarian mango poke bowl

Healthy plant based rainbow vegetable lunchbox

Healthy plant based rainbow vegetable bowl

Vegan onigiri bento lunchbox - lotus root edamame

Vegan onigiri bento lunchbox.

Bento is a Japanese word means “lunch box”, so many people use the word “bento box” to refer to a lunchbox in Japanese style. But why the Japanese lunchbox is so famous, and even has their own specific term? 

The lunch box culture in Japan is pretty serious, unique and very impressive. Their lunch boxes are not only delicious and nutritious, but many of them are well designed. Many Japanese people decorate their food in a very beautiful or very cute ways (Yeah, as usual of Japanese products!) 

We share plenty of authentic and simple Thai food recipes for bento boxes here. Our Thai food recipes are easy to make, and they are still tasty at room temperature. This is very important for us, because we understand that many people do not warm up their bento before they eat.

Many bento menu come with cute characters from your favourite Anime (Animation), such as One Piece, Rilakkuma. These bento are called “Kyaraben (キャラ弁)”, “Kyara” comes from a word “character” and “ben” comes from a word “bento”. So it literally means character bento.

Too bad that some people have to grow up and too shy to have anime characters in their bento all the time, so there are bento boxes for adults as well. Normally these bento boxes have less decoration elements, and the food might be more healthy. You can see some examples in our Healthy Bento section.