thai food restaurant and lunchbox catering in montreal

Our Thai Food Bento Concept:

  • It’s difficult to travel to Thailand during covid-19 time, so we bring authentic Thai cuisine to Montreal. You would feel like eating in Thailand, in “a little bit” colder weather.
  • We try to add more creativity into every dish. Please don’t complain that it’s too cute to eat ūüėČ
  • Most main ingredients are local products. We want to support locals as much as possible.

Bento is a Japanese word means “lunch box”. The lunch box culture in Japan is pretty serious and very impressive. Their lunch boxes are not only delicious and nutritious, but many of them are well designed. Many Japanese people decorate their food in a very beautiful or very cute ways (Yeah, as usual of Japanese products lol).¬†

So Thai Food Bento is a lunch box that’s full of delicious and healthy Thai food with Japanese inspired design. We care about every detail to create happy lunch time. You can see our bento menu here.

I would use one of the most popular answers “It depends!”. As you may already known that there are so many Thai dishes,¬† maybe over 100 dishes, so normally Thai restaurants have their own specialty or recommended menu, ex. restaurant A might be famous for GREEN CURRY,¬†restaurant B might have their own amazing secret PAD THAI recipe, and restaurant C is specialize in GUAY TIAW.

At “Thai Food Bento”, we are pretty specialise in making people happy and making sure no one is left behind. Our Thai cuisine concept is “every one can eat”., even if you cannot eat hot and spicy food. We can adjust spicy level but keep the main flavours of each dish, and serving our food in a homemade cute style. Vegetarian and vegan choices are also available.

Apart from very famous dishes like Pad Thai, Tom Yum, Tom Kha Kai, etc. Thai cuisine also have some “local” dishes that are flavourful and very popular among Thais. Actually¬†Thai people in each region have their own signature dishes, like¬†what you tried in Chiang Mai, aka Northern Thai Food or Chiang Mai Food.